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I use components so I turn on my fronts nothing else i play a song I play all the time turn it up to where I usually listen stuff to and adjust my high pass until I Like how it sounds sometimes i like how it sounds off.. then I play around with the subs lp filter.... to bad this time i have to use a d.s.p I think so we will see how that goes 

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A lot of it is just how it sounds good to you. As far as safety, you’re not going to get more than a couple usable (Maybe 10?) Hz below tuning frequency. You can set the high pass to your box tuning frequency or a few Hz below. The crossover usually isn’t steep and will drop off in a slow slope (often (-24dB / octave) towards 0Hz. Low pass you can listen to a sweep and tune it by ear really on music for where it sounds non-musical. 

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