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2010 Ram 1500 - not a blowthrough / not your average console

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Hello again guys. Some of you may remember my dodge caliber which had 4 FI X10s on an Ampere 3800. I purchased 4 FI team 15s and 4 taramps 8ks to put in the car. The car started giving me problems and life happened so everything got put on hold. We are back now and i decided to build in my truck. I chose Steven Walters of #TEAMSOLO in Pearland Texas to build this one. So all credit goes to him. The truck is almost complete but i will go through my pictures and catch you guys up.

The build consists of:

CES 390 billet- Brand X 370

90 ah CMAX

2 Taramps MD 8ks

2 FI Team 15s

8 6.5 Crescendo PWX

1 Taramps MD 1800 (mids)

4 Crescendo FT1 supertweets

1 Taramps 800x4(highs)

150 ft 2/0 EB Flex



Keep in mind i have a son still living at home and a grandbaby that also rides with me from time to time so keeping seating in this truck was of utmost importance.

Sitting around waiting to be installed:

  4 FI X 10

 270 CES alt

D3400/73ah lithium

 AA 3800.1

  (2) AA 75.4


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