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You’re main question was what kind of amp do you need to run them subwoofers and we answered that question. You never said anything on this thread about buying an alternator or if you should add a second battery. That’s what I recommended on this thread. You said nothing of the sort on this thread. The only thing you said on here was something about replacing the battery under your hood with a d4800. Show me on this thread where you said anything about buying a JS alternator. I didn’t know that. You must of said it in a previous thread. I don’t keep track of every previous thread of people on here I’m trying to help.You don’t listen anyways and go against recommendations and bought almost good speakers and crappy subwoofers when we all recommended you really good subwoofers and really good speakers that were about the same price and some less than the junk you bought. So I don’t know why I’m helping you or why anybody else is helping you. It’s probably because it helps us to help you. But now, it’s no help at all because it’s not registering. Peace out. 

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:stupid:“How can we help you?”
“And don’t forget to tell them that 
the customer isn’t always right.”

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when you say you ordered a JS alternator what you're really saying is you either have an alternator that's built by Ohio generator for one that has a few different parts in it that Brand X built and supplied for JS and they sourced the rest of their parts as cheap as they can find them.


Jonathan Smith doesn't even build his own alternator I've seen the inside dope on this unfold before my very eyes and it was shocking.

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I personally have saw the conversation between Jonathan Smith and Brand X alternator.


JS was ordering staters from Brand X all kinds of shit.


and I also saw the conversation between Ohio generator in a customer of JS alternators, who had Ohio generator fixed his JS alternator because js refuse to help him with customer service after something went wrong.


the guy from Ohio generator said it this is the alternator that I built for him months ago

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