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I have a 1999 BMW E39 that I'm currently planning an audio upgrade for but need some help with the head unit. I want a double din head unit with Apple CarPlay so I can use Google Maps on the head unit rather than my phone while listening to Spotify etc. The problem is that the E39 requires a shallow depth head unit as the air box gets in the way. I've found that the Alpine ILX-W650BT, Kenwood DMX7018DABS as well as the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S & DMX 7706S are shallow while having wired CarPlay. 


My question is if I've missed any other head units that I should look into? Which of the above mentioned ones are best overall? I like tech and want something high quality and I don't want it to feel laggy which I've found that many cheaper units are. I don't have a set budget yet and am currently trying to find all options I have as I'm limited by the depth and want high quality.


Thanks in advance!

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the ILX650 will make you very happy.  6ch 4v outputs, and super snappy when you click on screen, no lag at all.  capacitive touch screen is very nice too.  Just get the alpine

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if you don't want to settle for a shallow double din, the mod to the vents behind the headunit isnt terribly difficult.  as long as you have a dremel and some aluminum duct tape you can do the mod in about an hour or less.  I had an e39 528iT for several years and did plenty of research into fitting a double din but ultimately went with a higher end single din because i had no use for carplay.


all that being said, any of those headunits you listed will work out wonderfully.  they also all have 3 sets of 4 volt RCA outputs should you want to add any external amps later on.  it's all about aesthetics and features and price for you then.  myself, i prefer physical volume buttons as opposed to an all touch interface.  everyone is different tho :)



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