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3 hours ago, Backwoods said:

Sorry for the late update, been fishing everyday i could, and had some ASE tests to study for and take... Just been busy.


Anyways... I added deadener to the plastic cover, and surprisingly it made a huge difference in the back hatch rattling from the outside... But i think it made my roof flex even more LOL... And taking the headliner off is a chore i dont want to take on. I have plenty enough deadener for the roof.... But screw that. I looked up the process on this vehicle and it looks like a pain in my ass LOL. 


Loving this setup! It plays great on bass songs, but also plays great on old school R&B and older rap. I dont care for new rap.... ANd i dont like the rebassed slowed chopped and screwed up music some people play... But i love some old genuwine, 112, usher, kieth sweat, R. Kelly, Brian McKnight, Jagged edge, All4One, Joe, Boys2men , Tyrese and similar.... ANd lots of those old baby maker songs get down with some good low end. 

Great musical taste! 

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2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

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Mods include magnaflow exhaust, full suspension lift with 33" tires and new wheels, BMC, bumper trim, full weld on sliders, skid plates, dark tint, blacked out emblems, LED interior lights and a few o

In my garage/man cave... And @Ron36 I read on another post that you're a technician... So you might like the second picture... A buddy of mine cut that out with his laser for my garage bar.

I love this thread , Your Audio Addiction is back , It’s starts out just wanting a tiny bit more and moves to new box, battery , subs and amp, all of us on this site suffer from this addiction and it’

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4 runner here as well, i tossed a kenwood in it, some rgb lighting, and such, and have some small audio shit lined up. 2 D'Amore amps, and some SB drivers and tweets coming, with some deadener. Mean while, ive been out and about,.. on adventures.

I'm kinda new to audio ;) been a while. Lol... if anyone knows lol.  


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Was doing some testing and tweaking on my setup yesterday, metering it with a spl lab mini meter, plan to compete just for fun come December 13. NW2 class 30 second average. Best I'm able to maintain on MUSIC is a 147 for a first run. 146.8 on consecutive runs. This is with the vehicle fully sealed, meter on passenger side windshield. I'm dropping from 14.5 to 13.2. highest I hit was a 147.8 on a bass music track at 40hz. I'm running full tilt for 30 seconds straight each run with a constant bass line.


My amp is still turned down but after a couple runs the subs are getting pretty warm. Not sure how well they'll take the full power of this amp on full tilt runs like this... especially before the voltage drops. This amp wants beefier subs lol


Will be doing some more tests and tweaks. In this class even a 145 will be decent. This setup wasn't designed for SPL, it was designed for music and SQL... but I think it would be fun just to get in the lanes and see what happens. 



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Singer 250amp Alt, Singer PCM bypass harness

Titan8 Lithium Underhood safe BCI PWR-S5

Big 3 W/ dual runs of power/ground. All 1/0awg OFC

SounDigital EVO 5K amp, Two 15" Fi SSD subs

Next Level Fabrication @ 7 cubes net, tuned to 32HZ 

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Play with the positioning of your enclosure to get more spl. Move it the width of the enclosures port away from the hatch then do a bass run, then move the enclosure up a couple of inches and do another bass run and then move it a couple of inches back from the original position the same distance away from the hatch as the width of the port I told you to do, then do another bass run.

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:stupid:“How can we help you?”
“And don’t forget to tell them that 
the customer isn’t always right.”

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