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I saw the title of this forum and had to speak up immediately because the fact of claiming great customer service yet I have been UNABLE TO REACH ANYONE PR GET RESPONSE FROM ANYONE FOR TWO FUCKING MONTHS!!!! If you’re going to claim you have great customer service you see at least return somebody’s fucking phone calls or email them or something instead of just ignoring everyone and having a phone number that does goddamn nothing but give you a bunch of options and then tell you the mailbox is full and hang up on you!!!! Because I’ve had my new sundown sa 10 rev 3, With SFB 1000 amp in a 36hz ported box and NVX XCLA2 LOC, For almost a week and could not be more disappointed or frustrated with how much shittier my stereo sounds now than it did when it was stock with Harmon Kardon System and 8” free air sub!!!!???? The bass seems LOUDER/STRONGEST @ vol.31-35 than it does @ vol. 40-45 (45=max) Also SOME SONGS THAT BUMPED HARD BEFORE either DONT HIT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO AS HARD or the bass seems intermittent as if some schizophrenic went in and created his own whacked out baseline which does not match up to the song at all!!!

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I had an email replied to in 2 days and talked to someone on the phone easily when I called.. Both in the last week.


But if your email was like this post, cussing and shouting, I prolly wouldn't reply either... Just a thought.


Also, I'm running the same amp, and it's working great and definitely pushes my cheap entry level 10" subs like crazy, deep and low in their ported box... My Kenwood excelon dmx907s headunit has 5v output to the amp and it's own eq, so no LOC, but from the sounds of your complaint, if everything was bought new, I'd say something is not installed or set properly.


Use a DMM, you can get one from harbor freight for like $5 bucks, check the voltage at the amps subwoofer speaker terminals while playing a 40-50 hz constant test tone. If your sub is wired to one ohm, you'll want to see about 31 volts. If intermittent, Check grounds, check where head unit distorts, check for heat and smells from both amp and sub, check all wiring.... Even if your install was completed by a pro, they don't always have everything perfect.

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Singer 250amp Alt, Singer PCM bypass harness

Titan8 Lithium Underhood safe BCI PWR-S5

Big 3 W/ dual runs of power/ground. All 1/0awg OFC

SounDigital EVO 5K amp, Two 15" Fi SSD subs

Next Level Fabrication @ 7 cubes net, tuned to 32HZ 

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1. Stop keyboard yelling. We are a public forum. A tantrum is more apt to be ignored. No one wants to carry on a conversation with an angry man-child. This goes for all your posts. We are not your enemy.

2. Lest it be forgotten, we are still in the middle of an epidemic, economic crisis, and social unrest. Many still work from home. Sundown may or may not be there to answer phones. Email continues to be the best route of communication in these times.




--- all points below need to be answered. If you skip one because you don't feel like answering it, I'll skip the thread because I don't feel like helping ---



3. Shitty is subjective. Describe in clear, concise detail, what your issues are. Re-state them clearly.

4. What are the specs on your box? 36hz tells little. Post measurements, 3d models, pictures, etc. Give us enough information that someone could build a 1:1 copy of your box.

5. How is the box mounted in your vehicle?

6. What vehicle do you have? Do you maintain the original radio, or have you installed an aftermarket unit?

7. How is the LOC installed? Give enough information here that if given the same vehicle, I could replicate your install here down to the smallest detail, including any settings on your LOC.

8. What method, if any, did you use to set your gain and crossovers, and how was this validated?

9. What are you using for wiring, and how is this done? Have you verified any voltages?

10. What steps, if any, have you taken for diagnosis of your issue?

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It probably sounds like shit because the amp isn’t tuned correctly and/or maybe that loc isn’t sending a strong enough signal and/or maybe that enclosure isn’t placed correctly or the correct size or specs that that subwoofer wants. Probably a bad enclosure build that doesn’t have enough port area or maybe too small or too big or maybe the pole vent is getting smothered. Don’t be mad at sundown. It isn’t their fault. You should diagnose things. And if you can’t, just ask us. State your problem and tell us what you are working with and we can help. Post some pictures too.

:stupid:“How can we help you?”
“And don’t forget to tell them that 
the customer isn’t always right.”

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