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I was running a clarion eq on my set up with a very old pioneer deh-p6000ub. I finally upgraded to a double din pioneer avic touchscreen navigation unit(yet to be installed). Installing this double din will eliminate the option of installing the eq in the same spot with the radio.


Is this EQ really needed is my question? 


I have 3 amps.

one for tweeters

one for midrange

one for bass.


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It depends on what you want. The EQ should only enhance or manipulate  the already "good ,quality sound". 

you can get away without one but it's really up to you and what you want.

i currently don't have an EQ but i can filter , boostor cut with my crossover.

if i had an EQ it would only be inserted after i got my system sounding good first.


Hope this helps.

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With the Avic’s built in equalizer and its multiple rca outs, the Clarion is largely redundant. The only control you lose by omitting the Clarion is a fader for your sub amplifier. The Avic can’t control the sub level independently. If that is important to you, that function can be done by a basic bass level knob like the one that is included with most new amps nowadays and that can be installed wherever it’s convenient.

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