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SMD DD-1 or DD-1 plus

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Granted, I don't know everything about the DD1 or the DD1+, but I looked into both and I'm just going to get the DD1. It's cheaper and the extra things the plus did and came with, didn't seem like it was a must have for someone just trying to dial in the head unit and amp gain, and then use the CC1 along with it to match the gain on my 2 bass amps. There only major differences I could see was the plus will do gain overlaps all the way up to I think 15 db (don't quote me on that) and the regular only does overlap 0, 5, and 10 db. And I think the plus comes with a better way to link whatever you're trying to meter to the plus, and an updated software and internal board that I'm sure are better and more accurate. But, in my own opinion, I think the DD1 will do exactly what I need it to do, without fail and with enough accuracy to accomplish what I'm trying to do. 

Though i am curious to hear from someone who has actually used both. 

2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

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Depends if you need the extra voltage capability or feature set the dd-1+ offers.

tl;dr, dd-1+ does 200v amps, real time display of gain overlap and voltage. dd-1 is binary on/off and depends on different amplitude sine wave files to set gain to what you want.

Realistically, dd-1+ should do you well unless you're working with tremendously large or strapped amps. The other features of a dd-1+ are I think more suited for a shop environment (makes documentation easy, no going through lots of tracks, etc) or someone who's always tinkering with their system.

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