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19 hours ago, Marco said:

Its going in a 17 malibu building a trunk wall, the plan is 2 skar svrs 12” on a massive n3 amp thats the end goal. Im ordering one sub at a time so i want to try the 4th for it never even seen one in person so it will help me decide wether to do a ported or 4th for the two subs once i get them. The single 12” is gonna be powered by a power acoustik 1500d ( i know not the best of amp but its a budget build so im using what i have.) i have a design in mind 2:1 ratio tuned to 50hz. Im not trying to win competitions so bandwidth over spl for me

Tuning a 4th order enclosures port has nothing to do with the bandwidth of that enclosure. Tuning is just where the enclosure peaks at. Bandwidth on a 4th order enclosure mainly has to do with the ratio. A 50hz peak would not affect the enclosures bandwidth. It would affect the output of the enclosure.  It’s best to peak around 45hz. Doesn’t have to be exactly 45hz, just around that to generate the best output. If you have decided on bandwidth over spl, then you would have to focus more on the ratio and leave the tuning around where I said with about 20sq” of port area per cubic foot of the ported section and then make the ratio 2:1 like you said. So let’s say the ratio is 2 cubic feet on the sealed section and then 4 cubic feet on the ported section, port area would be 4x20=80sq”. Make sure you factor in displacements of bracing, subwoofers and port if the port isn’t 100% external. So net volumes are what is calculated into ratio and port sizing.

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