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Picking a Headunit

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So I thought I may have had this decided but I'm not sure now. I was going to go with the Kenwood Excelon DMX906S, however I'm hearing that there may be a problem with Samsung phones and staying connected. It would also be nice to have options to choose from to I suppose.

I have a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan. I'm looking for a Double Din with Android Auto. A headunit I can connect 2 phones to, wirelessly preferably, but I would consider wired for 2 phones. Good preouts for adding amp and subwoofer. HD radio. And if I could use a memory card to use my music that would be amazing as well. Dont care about CD or DVD player. As for budget I'm trying to stay under $500...but if there was something amazing I could possibly go to $600. Thank you everyone!!!

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