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You have to put that agm battery back in that circuit after charging it because you need the reserve to maintain current draw and voltage stability. If that battery isn’t charged and in that circuit then your voltage isn’t gonna be stable and keep dipping and your front battery is gonna get discharged because of excessive current draw. So charge your front battery too. Charge both them batteries and you are gonna see improvement. Then to add some extra voltage to any internally regulated alternator like the one you have, just watch this video.


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8 hours ago, Fennygolf said:

hey ive got a random question ive read through most of this thread and the troubleshooting but does anyone know if this car is uni-body? ive ran into this problem before just a random thought sorry if i butted in to yall trouble shooting the problem and dealing with a person that is just making issues worse by not giving any information or helping the subject at all

it's body on frame. 



may as well ask. what type of battery charger would you suggest to charge an agm and lead acid?

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