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Port area calculation for a dd 3512g

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This may be a bit of an old question so hear goes.

I brought a dd3512g sub and plan on building my own box, i plan on going with 2.25 cubes net box with about 2500rms with a 38hz tune. Now i know there is a slot port rule for 12-16" per cube but i saw on some forums that there may be a difference for your particular sub using a calculation considering power,xmax and some t/s parameters.
Is there any direction you can point me in to calculate this for my sub and not use the "general rule"??

i saw some ts specs for the 3512g as follows fs 30.28hz, qts .363, qes .403, qms 3.642, vas 23.41l
Thank you

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Why are you tuning it that high? After analyzing the few t/s parameters you have listed and the net volume of said enclosure and rms before impedance rise, said subwoofer enclosure would do better on lower tuning and minimal port area. That high of tuning in reference to the net volume of that enclosure and the t/s parameters of that subwoofer could cause that subwoofer to surpass its mechanical limits on lower frequencies. Dd subwoofers can handle bigger enclosures but not higher tuning. They tune their enclosures lower to compensate. Even if the enclosure is regular sized, dd subwoofers do better on lower tuning. Even if you didn’t list what type of subwoofer that was and just listed the other information then I would still be able to assess and conclude what that mystery subwoofer needs in reference to an enclosure. If you want me to elaborate with more details, then let me know a bit more information like the vehicle and enclosure specs and then I can tweak them specs to make that enclosure loud and sound good.

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The vehicle is a 2003 nissan wingroad y11 wagon. I saw on a forum that the resonating frequency is 43hz but that could be wrong as i didnt do testing myself. It will be used for a daily "musical" application so i guess that doesnt really matter. The sub is a dd 3512g. Will put puting roughly 2400rms at 1 ohm and my electrical is good. Box space is not really a big issue but not a massive box. Am open to ideas, am looking for more off a deep loud bass,i listen to music in the 34-48hz range. 

This might be a bit off topic.  I heard a car a couple weeks back,guy had a single 10" sub facing in the vehicle. Sitting in the back seat the sub moved like "waves" but you didnt hear much "bass"...on stepping outside the car the bass was just like wow!! 5-15feet away it just got louder and louder. The bass was deep sounding, it shook roofs and tripped alarms lol thats lika what am looking for with my 12". He only had his 10" on 1000rms but it was amazing 


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