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In search of this retaining clip - w/ picture

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My mom has an '02 Ford Taurus that I installed a Metra dash panel radio conversion kit in so I could install the stereo deck she wanted.  Because of the configuration of the dash panels you can't install your own radio unless you install something like this conversion kit first.  The kit provided a new front panel but asked you to remove the panel retaining clips from the old panel and use it on the new installation.  Those are the internal retaining clips you de-lock when you insert the U shaped removal tools.  The old clips got misshapen and one broke.  So now I can't get the panel to stay in and am looking to replace the clip.  Anyone know where to get a clip that looks like this...


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Sorry I can't help with those....

But as a matter of fact, I need some retaining clips for my 08' Ford F150, and I can't even buy them from the First dealer ? Like seriously, WTF ! I figure they could make them for .02 cents and sell them for a buck... But no, they can't even get them, and they built the ef'ng truck ? Urgggg....

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Are you talking about the OEM Radio Clips?

If this is the one try searching for Ford Radio Clip.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with this eBay listing!


Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 8.32.15 PM.png

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