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Hi Guys,


I am new here... I would give a detailed introduction but let me keep it short by saying I'm 100% a JL Audio fan!    Anyways, to the help needed.


My amp keeps cutting out and alternating channels at certain volumes.


If I keep the volume low enough all speakers play but if I play it too loud (which isn't even that loud) only one channel will play while the other channel cuts in and out.


My amplifier flashes yellow (JL HD600/4) so I cut it down and it immediately goes back to green.


I suspect it's my DSP....I have a Mosconi DSP that I purchased brand new (6to8 Aerospace). The reason I believe it's the DSP doesn't make a ton of sense but hear me out.


It only does this while connected to a portable source (my phone). I can play the FM radio and Sirius at any volume I want with no issues, but any portable source has a negative effect. Meanwhile my subwoofer doesn't miss a beat.


Any ideas? I am desperate for a fix!

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Try getting some RCA's to headphone Jack, or if you have an iPhone, RCA's to however you can manually connect it to the RCA's, then connect your phone directly to the amp. See how that plays. If it plays fine, try it from the head unit with the DSP out of the equation. 

How do you hook your phone to the head unit? Blue tooth or otherwise? 

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