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My wife received atoto A6 for christmas. I will be installing it for her. I am familiar with the bass volume/ adjustment and rca problems and wanting to know what the best option is to overcome this problem.


The options I can think of are:

Use a line out converter with adjustment knob.

Use a y splitter and line power driver along with bass knob.


Just use a y splitter and a amp with a bass knob.


Since these come with only a single .8 volt output for subwoofer channel I figure a line driver would be a good ideal anyways. What would you do? Any experience with these decks and this problem in particular?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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I'm not familiar with that deck or it's problems, but I think I follow your question... maybe... I'm sorry if I don't...

Look into the Audio Control Three.2 in dash processor. It has a bass knob and a volume knob, some other fancy things, but you can actually adjust the rca voltage out (to a certain extent) from the unit. Go to the audio control website, download the manual, and read it. If I understood your question correctly, I think it'll help. Here's the section in the manual I think will help. Level matching. Again, sorry if this wasn't exactly your question20210107_213253.thumb.jpg.a2404dcd4810e03bedadecaf8a609cd7.jpg





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Sounds like you got the gist of it.

This is one of those super budget installs though and unfortunately the audio control unit doesn't fit into the budget. I was looking to use something much cheaper but it would definitely solve the issue if I had the funds for it.

Here is a short video that shows part of the issue with these decks. As far as I know you can control the bass volume with the deck volume control but output is lacking. If you use the manual control then bass stays playing even with deck volume all the way down. I figure easiest way to solve this is with the addition of a knob to control bass output.


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