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Hi SMD Forum. I am a long time lurker first time poster! So here's the deal, I'm currently working on building out a Mazdaspeed 6 that i recently acquired at auction. My current equipment is in my signature and i know, its a mess. Basically the trunk is set for equipment as the only things i carry for work are a small tool box and customer purchased equipment. I have a cut out of peg board on the back wall of the trunk for my amps. What im shooting for is a box for maximum SPL but also SQ for 2 Skar ZVX-8" (maybe 3, havnt decided if i want to purchase the 3rd one yet). 


ANYWAY I am good with woodworking and have all of the required tools so im looking to see if anyone out there can make me plans for the perfect box blueprint/plans for my application. I am willing to pay via Paypal, Cash app or other available option. Please let me know if this is against the rules, if it is i apologize in advanmce.


Sub Specs:

  • 8-inch Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil Configuration
  • Peak Power: 1,100 Watts
  • RMS Power: 900 Watts
  • Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
  • Stitched High Roll Foam Surround
  • Massive Triple-Stacked Magnet
  • 2.5" High Temperature Copper Voice Coil
  • Motor Weight: 156 oz
  • Frequency Response: 40 - 500 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 80.4 dB
  • Fs: 41.8 Hz
  • Re: Dual 2 Ω
  • Qms: 3.60
  • Qes: 1.25
  • Qts: 0.76
  • Mms: 132.0 gr
  • Nref: 0.07%
  • Cms: 0.02 mm/N
  • Bl: 15.5 n/a
  • Vas: 14.2 L
  • Sd: 188.0 cm²
  • Xmax: 14 mm


  • Recommended Sealed Volume: 0.65 ft³
  • Recommended Ported Volume: 1.25 ft³
  • Recommended Port Area: 14.45 in²
  • Recommended Tuning Frequency: 36 Hz
  • Enclosure recommendations above do not include subwoofer, bracing, and port displacement
Cut-out Diameter 7.50"
Mounting Depth 6.50"
Total Height 7.63"
Outside Diameter 8.65"
Magnet Diameter 6.50"


Current build: (I know, its a mess)

Factory HU - MiniDSP6x8 - AD Designs 6.5" components - DB Drive WDX 400.4 - DB Drive WDX 2k - 12" Rockford T0 - Pre-fab 12" ported box



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