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03 ext cab Silverado 6th order series tuned

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I built a 6th order Series tuned box for my 03 Silverado and messed up so will be building a new box lol made the box to big one way I use the12volt box calculator for tuning and box sizing and have never had an issue using that site my question is for a spl 6th order what ratios is best to build it with I built my first ever 6th order series tuned box off a 1.5-1 ratio the bottom chamber is 9.2 cuft which is wat my skar audio sdr18s require which is 4.6 cuft each I slot ported the box to 30 hz and port was 30.5 inches wide and 4.125 inches tall 31 inches total length as per the12volt calculator my subs require 64.75 of port area and 4.125x30.50=125 sq inches of port area does that sound correct I made the upper chamber 13.8 cuft aka 1.5 times bigger than the lower chamber and tuned it to 50hz the box sounds amazing but doesn’t move a lot of air like I had hoped I’m trying to increase spl and get hair tricks lol I know lame but I’ve always wanted a system to do that did I build the box wrong possibly was I suppose to make the upper chamber half the size of the lower chamber??? Also on building the new box so I can move my seats back so It’s comfortable driving it lol would making the lower chamber tuned to 24hz give me more airflow??? Also would let’s say I need a 5inch tall 25inch wide port 54.250 inch long port would making two slot ports one on each side of the box 5”x25” but making them 27.125” in length aka half the length I need for one port still make it 24hz or do I need calculate what a 10”x25” port requires for length to make 24hz note also would making my port area instead of 125 inches that the subwoofers require combined if I went let’s say 175 inches instead be ok to get more air movement for hair tricks I’ll attach pictures of the box I built all help would be greatly appreciated 





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