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two 18 inch DC level 3s, behind the third row??

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Hey there Gentleman, 


I am about to switch up my substage...again. Has anyone in here done any 18s in a ported enclosure in an 07-13 Suburban, behind the third row?? Its my daily so I absolutely cannot take out the third row... I read that the DC Level 3 18s will work in a sealed enclosure, which I am open to, but I know ported will be louder. I don't compete anymore, but im still a basshead in my heart! What do y'all think?  

2006 Nissan Titan Crew Cab

XS Power D6500 up front, Mechman 270 amp alt, 

Front Stage:Hybrid Audio Legatia Tweeters and Midrange drivers in Custom A Pillars, HA Unity 6x9 inch Midbass in the doors, powered by an Arc Audio 1200.6 X2 and connected to a JL TWK 88 DSP

Subwoofers: Four 8 inch Soundqubed Subs in a ported enclosure. Incriminator Audio 20.1 on the subs (@ 1ohm) 

Performance: JBA Headers, Uprev Tuned, Dynomax bullet muffler, 3 inch exhaust all the way back. Air raid CAI.

Wheels: 18 inch Balistic Jester wheels on 33 inch Nitto TG2's

Suspension: 6 inches of lift total. DK UCA's, DK LCA's, Icon coilovers up front, Bilstein Shocks in the rear with 4 inch blocks 


2007 Chevy Suburban LTZ

Engine: 5.3 DOD Delete, BTR Stage 4 truck Cam, TSP Headers, Gibson Catback exhaust. Tuned by Sam @ Advanced Modern Performance.

Suspension: 2/4 Belkin drop. Belkin Sway bars, Spohn Panhard bar

Audio: Pioneer 8400 NEX Head unit, Audio Dynamics DSP, 6th order enclosure with three 10 inch DC Audio Level 4s behind the third row. Wolfram 4500 on Subs, Wolfram AW 250.4 on the front stage Dual SkyHigh Car Audio 8 inch mid bass in the doors, quad 3.5 inch midrange drivers in the A-Pillars 

Dual Alternators, Mechman 320 powering a CES 40ah Lithium battery, OEM alt has an AGM on it.Viper remote start.


Wheels:  24 inch Luxx wheels/ 305/40 R24

Grammatically speaking, Prolly is not a word.

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