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On 4/3/2021 at 10:41 PM, Dee said:

So I got it in hooked up Waitin on 2 more Sdr tens it sounds great but I think I need a brace in the middle Nd I think I should put some fiber glass on the inside. I know I am goin to put bondo on the out some then cover with bed liner!

You need 2 braces. Place each in between each subwoofer. You can do that easy. Just figure the height and then cut a 2” dowel and put some glue on the braces and then put the braces in horizontally in a subwoofer cutout and then turn the brace virtically until it wedges virtically in between each cutout and then put some screws in. On a build like that, the most flex is vertical baffle flex and you want to minimize that to achieve better output. And no need to fiberglass the inside. No gain would be obtained from that. And if you use bondo instead of wood filler, you have to not let the bondo sit for a super long time or it’ll get so hard that it’ll be difficult to sand correctly. Then you have to spray primer on the bondo areas and the other clean areas on that subwoofer enclosure for any paint to adhere properly and look uniform. I’ve done plenty of bondo work and I did bondo on some seems on an mdf enclosure somebody else built and then I used truck bed liner spray that said it had primer in it, rust oleum pro grade and it looked like shit and adhered like shit. You have to do it correctly so it looks good. Buy some primer and truck bed liner. You have to use primer that is compatible with wood. Just because you can paint something and it dries and looks good, doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay on for a long period of time. You have to scuff sand the wood with 320 grit before you prime too so the primer adheres properly. Then scuff sand the primer with 320 grit and then apply the truck bed liner.

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