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what brands / model dsp software is easiest to learn and work well?

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im looking  into a dsp and i noticed that the route of using a computer to adjust them seems interesting. as a beginner i want to learn how to tune the system. i am willing to put the time into it but i also want to look for a brand has a very easy to understand software to learn.


what brands do you recommend and why>

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Discrete-Time Signal Processing (edX) is the one This certification by MIT is created for individuals with a strong foundation of signals, systems who are looking forward to building upon that knowledge. Review and discuss some of the fundamentals of the subject and understand how they can be extended to process continuous-time signals. Work on flow graphs, signal modeling and conversion of sampling rate before focusing on the connection between application of filter banks and Fourier transform. Check out our compilation of Best MATLAB Tutorials.

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