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97 k1500 build ideas

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So, my cab rusted thru on my 97 chevy extended cab, I knew it was coming, I have already replaced bed and fenders and about EVERYTHING else. I got ahold of a VERY nice 3 door cab with power rear window and super clean interior. Right now I have 3 15s jammed into where rear seat was. I think I want to keep some back seats in new cab. I have really nice buckets out of an audi a6 I think I'm going to build a frame for and use as rear seats. My half ass plan is a long custom center console loaded with as much bass as I can. I really can't go any wider than 13" between seats so I think I'm going to be using 12s. Just rough measurements, I have 6.5 cubes ,may be able to stretch to just over 7 if I use a roller coaster track kinda design and go as high as bottom of rear window in the rear.  I got my 3 15s and the box sold for $800 and a new driver door lol. I think I'll be about $800-$900 budget for subs. I have everything else, 8 agm cells under hood, dual 300a alts dual runs of 3/0 temco cable, nvx jad800.4 for front stage and my taramps md8k 2 ohm to power whatever subs I decide on. I'm sure I'm gonna have to turn the md8k down since it's a bit much for my 3 15s , I'm thinking I'll end up with 3 12s but I'm looking for ideas plz! Good thing is I get to strip can, undercoat and sound deaden inside while cab is off which is gonna be nice. Whole truck going to end up a military sand tinted raptor coated so I'll get to do every little part before I even put it on my frame! I've never been so excited to do soon much work! Bad part is I get to have something on my lift for a week or so which slows down the money making but when done right I'll have this truck for a LONG time and it'll stay looking nice.

1997 GMC Sierra z71, 5.5" lift, 35x12.50r20, pioneer avh-600ex, 4 pioneer pro 6.5s, 2 pioneer pro 4" tweeters, 3 American bass tnt 1544s 9 cubes tuned @27hz , taramps MD 8000.1 2ohm, 3/0 welding cable, 2 1000 cranking amp batteries underhood, big 4, NVX JAD800.4 running active with signal from avh-600ex. 


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