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3 hours ago, Dafaseles said:

I don't know much about DSP's, but when I finally nut it up and get one, I'm probably going to go Audio Control. 

You'd have to read the owner's manual of the particular amps you want to use, but usually if you use 1 amps output RCA Jack to another amps inputs, it cancels the crossovers from the first amp and sends a full signal. Though, that might vary amp to amp, so read the manual. 

Thankyou for clarifying

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And put a sealed enclosure in your trunk cut a hole in your deck and call it ported :lol2:

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16 minutes ago, BassMunky said:

Well I wanna go active so can fine tune it better

If that's the case, a DSP is the way to go. I know it's one more piece of equipment to buy, and buy things for, but if you want it done right, that's what you've got to do

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