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New project. 4 SKAR evl's in a 96' ZJ

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Decided to upgrade to 4 12's it was a good choice as I got to start the box over. I just kind of copied some I seen on google images. I pumped up the layers to 3 front and top haven't done bracing yet was planning on beveling or what ever its called on the inside corners. I'm using a vent front middle design and shared chamber. from what I've read its about equal opinion on separate or shared chamber. So 2 subs face front and the other 2 on top inverted. I have 2 Skar RP 2000.1d's and a Skar RP 3500.1d (planning on a second RP 3500.1d) strapped to replace the RP 2000.1ds) right now my issue is odd and i was thinking its due to the 3500 line out feeding the 2000.1's when I turn the bass knob for the 2000's sound goes down. I have one sub to each 2000.1 and 2 to the 3500 which are inverted. any ideas out there? as for box I feel I can get more return from it Should I separate chamber them or is port placement bad? I was thinking of running the top 2 in their own chambers venting out individually to their sides and leaving the rest as is which will vent and make individual for front. Any ideas on this?


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Looks like a beautiful enclosure!


Keep it simple. Common chamber gives you only one port to tune.


With that massive center port supporting the top I would brace laterally from port walls to the side walls.


You can probly getaway with thinner baffle like 2.25 and gain some net volume. I would also want to experiment with all those 45s. I would start with just the vertical ones closest to the port and add from there. Easier to glue and screw then to pry out after they are in. 


For the amplifer volume issue you might need an rca distro block.

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