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Focal fpd 900.6 repair

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I am repairing this amplifier out of necessity.  It just has a bad channel mode selection switch.  The dick-in-the-ass of it is that you have to take the whole board out to get to the bottom of it to desolder the switch that needs replaced.  All of these clips hold the transistors to the heatsink and have to come off to get the board out.  I pried one off and realized there is no way to get them back on.  I honestly don't have any clue how they got put on there in the first place lol.  


I have repaired countless electronics and felt very comfortable and confident completing this repair but I have never seen clamps that fit in a channel so tightly I could not put them back in. 

If the transistors were not present I could slip the top part of the clamp into the channel at the top that holds it in and slide it down along the heatsink to its appropriate position.  But with the transistors there there is no way to do so.  I would have to be prying the bottom of the clamp away from the heatsink at the same time I insert it into the channel which is obviously not possible.  My last resort will be to remove them all, drill and tap multiple holes for top mount clamps and call it a day but I wondered if there is anyone here that has worked on focals before that has advice.  


I have plenty of money if there is a specific tool to flex these the necessary way to mount them.  Which with the notch at the top of the middle of each clamp wouldn't surprise me. 


Or maybe I'm over thinking something and one of you can just be like, "hey stupid, you do it like this".  If so, please call me stupid and let me know!



Heatsink clamp channel 


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