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Is my new DD1+ Distortion light supposed to come on if I move around the leads?

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Should the distortion light come on with a dd1+ if the leads are wiggled or moved and not attached to anything?  The solder looks good but something isnt right. The tool light will not come on if I take the leads off and bump or move the tool.    


During the first check I ran on a amp it seemed to work but if I just bump the tool around the dis light comes on. Its as if the wires on the leads are creating distortion. 




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6 hours ago, Wolfbites said:


I don't know if mine does it, it never has, or I've never noticed it. I look at it as a precision tool so I am extremely careful. I've always been taught a bent level helps no one. It doesn't sound like you'd be the person to drop it or throw it around though. 

This might sound stupid, but it's work so many other times with the DD1's and CC1's. Change the battery to a brand new Energizer. If that doesn't help, yeah, maybe it's out of calibration. Who knows what happened to it during shipping 

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I work on very expensive electronics / machines that can cost $70,000. I know how to use all precision machine shop tools and a lot of lab equipment. No one here considers it normal that a precision instrument like this would light up the distortion light if its wires are bumped/ moved around/ or just in normal motion of use. So no I don't trust it ... but I wanted to come here and just see what the comments would be.   Its going back to the seller. Shit happens but labeling me as some Poor SOB who is returning a working tool because of price  isn't going to fly.

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