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2016 F150 Build (Mechman, XS Power, Knu Konceptz, Kenwood, Cadence, DD Audio)

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3 hours ago, Arthur79 said:

Are you going to have a car in the show or just checking out other people's rides?

Just checking out other rides, it's my first time going. I have some friends entering some rides. 


Texas Whip Fest 2021

Nav-TV Zen V Audio Interface

AudioControl DM-608

(2) Stevens Audio Neo-Comp Full-Size Horns

(4) Faital Pro 6PR160 6.5"

AudioControl LC-6.1200

(1) Fi Neo 4.7 15" D2 in 3.74 Cubic Feet @ 27.70 Hz

Ampere Audio AA3800.1

Odyssey ODP-AGM48 Battery (Starting)

Odyssey ODX-AGM31 Battery (Trunk)

Big 3 - 2\0 Welding Cable, KnuKonceptz Speaker Wire & 1/0 Power Cable, NVX RCAs, Second Skin (Speaker Tweaker Pads, Damplifier Pro Mat), Diode Dynamics LEDs

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Nice build! I never had a problem with a 240 amp Mechman alternator in a 2001 F150 SuperCrew 5.4L V8. 

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2000 Toyota Solara SEV6, 200 amp alternator, Jensen VX7020, Hifonics American Warrior Taurus X, Hifonics American Warrior Centurion X, JBL Club 6500C, Power Acoustik XP2K-4102, Coustic Power Logic HT-612 in a BP4.

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On 5/27/2021 at 9:59 PM, Arthur79 said:

Update on on the front stage


So there was a break in all the rain we've been getting (it's supposed to storm again tomorrow) and pulled the door card off the drivers side along with the A-Pillar cover to showcase the tweeter mount.


I also figured out that I can get unlimited storage for high-res pics and videos by subbing to the forum, so that's done 😆


So you can see that I had (by this point in the build) ran out of the NVX I'd had on the shelf for so long and used some Second Skin.  I'm guessing I didn't have a lot of that on hand as I applied it sparingly.  The AW65s are direct lead and you can see the red and black wires coming out.  They are spliced into 12 gauge KnuKonceptz.  The AW3s aren't direct lead and have 14 gauge running all the way to the driver.




Sparse deadening on the inside of the door as well, adding more deadener to both doors along with foam rings and something to suppress any standing wave issues are now on the todo list






I think machining some new adapters out of a stiffer substrate (like 3/8 acrylic maybe) is on the todo list as well.  These adapters are ok, but not as stiff as I would like




Stock tweeter location




Tweet mount.  I used CA glue to fix the tweet to the bracket and you can see how the vapors from the curing glue leaves a discolored effect on the back of the tweeter housing (probably won't do that again)




And of course my cat taking advantage a chance to try and stow away.  He really likes going for rides in the truck (or any vehicle)





So nothing special on the doors.  I need to pull them both and do some more work on them.  That's how less than ideal my memory is, I would have sworn I had added more deadener when the front stage went in, but the photos don't lie!





orange boi!! love the build man. very clean. may have a commissioned job to do for a popsicle truck lol the motivation is coming back!

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On 7/11/2021 at 11:16 AM, stingray72 said:

Hey i saw your screen name and figured id come in and check it out.  Good workmanship.

Thanks!  There's a lot of room for improvement.  I definitely need to work on some more sound deadening in the doors and I've been playing around with swapping the mids & highs amps out.  I've actually been playing around with pulling almost everything out and doing a rebuild around a single DD Audio 9510k sub and try to get a bit of storage back.  I would like to measure my SPL with the current setup before I  do something like that though.

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