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On 8/4/2022 at 5:18 PM, Mattc43 said:

Well it was a good run with the x15s but it’s time to go bigger. Next build I will be building a slide in 4th order for 2 resilient sounds plat 18 dual 1s. Gonna make the box out of birch and stain it navy blue with white trim around the port as well LEDs inside the enclosure 😈  They will be wired to an ohm on a sound digital 12k. My doors will be kept the same, 4 db arnold 6.5s and 2 b2 audio rage st neo super tweets all running off the d4s 590 4 channel amp I already have. Ditching the 2 d4s lto 6.0s I have for a yinlong bank.


Also hoping I can get away with the 270a dc power I have under the hood but 😅 I may upgrade to a js 300 but I’d really prefer not to since it is a motherF%@?ker to replace my alt. Will be doing a battery delete as well and get rid of the yellow top under the hood. Keeping my headunit and voltmeter the same as well. I’m ready for more wind and dbs! This will be my first wall build. Learned a lot from my last build. Electrical is everything, always better to go overkill if not sure. Rest In Peace to my interior after this is done. The flex is definitely going to put a hurting on my car 🤣

one big advantage of going lithium is that you don't need a big alternator , just make sure you charge to around 15.3-15.8 for those Ying Long . your 270 will be fine 👍

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