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Can someone plz help a disabled veteran

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Hi i could use someones help getting a measurements/guid like blueprints. Ive wrote joe x but i imagine he has thousands of ppl asking him for help. Ive tried using subbox pro and winisd but im doing something wrong as the graph does craziness. Please  if someone has the time to run these specs for me it would be greatly  appreciated. If possible center port 2 skar vxf 12s d4 tuned at 32. Each sub have 2cbft^3 after displacement.  My max dimensions in trunk are 13h,36w,24d. That would fit in nicely.  Im running 3k smart taramp.  Im going to wire final 1ohm to amp. The displacement for one VXF-12 is 0.233

  • Recommended Ported Volume: 1.80 ~ 2.00 ft³
  • Recommended Port Area: 29.75 in²
  • Recommended Tuning Frequency: 32 Hz
  • Enclosure recommendations above do not include subwoofer, bracing, and port displacement
Cut-out Diameter 11.13"
Mounting Depth 8.50"
Total Height 9.33"
Outside Diameter 12.49"
Magnet Diameter



12-inch Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Configuration

Peak Power: 3,000 Watts

RMS Power: 1,500 Watts

Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone

Stitched High Roll Foam Surround

Advanced Air Flow Cooling System

3" High Temperature Copper Voice Coil

Motor Weight: 300 oz

Frequency Response: 22 - 250 Hz

Sensitivity: 83.6 dB

Fs: 34.4 Hz

Re: Dual 4 Ω

Qms: 4.46

Qes: 0.47

Qts: 0.43

Mms: 319.9 gr

Nref: 0.19%

Cms: 0.07 mm/N

Bl: 33.8 n/a

Vas: 22.7 L

Sd: 471.4 cm²

Xmax: 25 mm

If you need to go wider you can go up to 40 and deep you can go 28 if needed. Thank you 

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