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Stock alt was 65amp new one is 130. Can I run 1200 watts rms now?

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Your welcome we are here to help make sure u ask your wife first lmao

06 Charger

Pioneer double din

Pioneer 6.5 and 6×9's

Knukoncept Krystal kable rca's

0 ga knukoncept kolossus wire 

Big 3 same wire ^ 1 run 

8g karma ss speaker wire

Sundown sia 3500d at 1ohm

2 Sundown U series 12's

Duralast platinum agm H7 (Main)

Xs power d3400

Trying to find a ho alt



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Really? Wouldn't I have had horrible dimming and a short lived alt? The smd/skar etc bench tests of these amps show they can pull upwards of 1600 watts at hard hits.  My alt was dying anyways and a 3g 130 amp alt is the usual/easiest/cheapest upgrade for my car. I have a fully loaded v-8 with power everything, so it had me worried to even run 1000. I'd like my old halogen headlights to be burning bright until I can retro fit leds, also Winters coming and heat at the same time as music and lights would be nice and I wasn't trusting my old lincoln's designers to have given me much aftermarket accessory headroom from that old 65 amp let alone a system that could (however short of burst) try drawing well over 100 amps. I do like my music loud lol. Well my alts installed, so I'll be ordering my setup kit soon. If it works, breaks or I have problems I'll come back here with updates. 

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