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I am psychopath (box building issue)

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Well guys making a sub up, port back, 8.5 cube, tuned to 30hz box for two 15s and I made my port about a 1/16" too wide at the opening. Have not started actually making the port itself just the opening of the port (all four walls of the box are complete, just no bracing or port (L) yet) is slightly bigger than 5 1/4" which is what is supposed to be. Will it mess with my tuning? 

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8 hours ago, audiofanaticz said:

It will be fine and you wont notice anything with it being 1/16th larger.
Its going to change tuning a whole 0.18hz higher and give you about 1 inch more of port area.

Nothing to even worry about.

Thanks. Put a lot of time into this box already and I want it to be right

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