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143 decent?

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So let’s just say I’m fairly disappointed done with built currently and well one sub isn’t fully broke in as it’s probably got about 4hrs of playtime on it but I hit 143 at 40hz.  I’m running 2 15” Fi ssds on a Us Acoustics 2500 wired at .5 ohm with a 390 alt and a xs3400 as a secondary battery steady at 14.5v my box is tuned to 32hz at 8 cubic feet

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Where those numbers taken sealed in the dash? If so, those are very respectable numbers. Yes, those subs aren't really super SPL type subs, and I'd be willing to wager that the enclosure is also built to play low, flat, and have a wide frequency response. Unless you're competing, try not to get hung up on the numbers. Do you like the sound? Do you like the volume you're getting from the subs? 

You can also try figuring out what class you would be competing in if you where to compete, look at the standings and what their setup consists of, and compare and contrast. Yeah, the top guys probably have burp boxes specifically for competing, but I'm sure in the top 10, there will be some guys with musical builds that just like to compete for fun

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2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

My build log here. Check it out! 


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I swear it’s only me and you who talk lmao if I choose to compete it would be street 3 and highest number is 153.38 of course I can still put around 1000k watts in but I also haven’t really pushed past where I set my gains at.  Subs are faced up slot port bottom left think I have 100” port area 

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That makes sense don’t have many options could always add a port to the front but not sure how much it would affect tuning I wanted to go at least 120” of port but Fi Fi suggested 100” in a 8 cub box guess I could play with the meter placement as well and see if that makes a huge difference I went right under rear view with windows up 

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If you can’t put the box on drivers side try turning the box around to where the port is facing the passenger side and load of that still subs up … then just play with the box as much as you can 

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