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Still getting low voltage

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He can use agm batteries with lipo4 limitless lithium batteries, the gorilla series batteries are the only lithium batteries limitless lithium carries that are a different lithium chemistry. Since the regular limitless lithium batteries have such a low resting voltage level that’s so close to the resting voltage of agm batteries makes them batteries compatible. Limitless lithium is gonna tell you the same. Plus, a seatbelt is the one of the worse place to ground anything because it’s a spot weld location. Ground your rear battery to the frame of your vehicle and then ground your amp(s) to the negative of the battery the amp(s) are connected to. That’s the best way to ground. If your vehicle is a unibody then ground your battery to the chassis (the metal body of the vehicle) of your vehicle and then your amp(s) to your battery. And to tell you what’s up, that’s the biggest issue. You don’t need to waste your money on an expensive lithium battery. Just buy another agm battery and ground that other battery well with a dual 1/0 ground to the frame of your vehicle. An xs xp3000 battery is what you need. Or you could just sell your other batteries and do a front battery delete and do either 40ah of LTOs or 25ah of lipo4 and you would be good. That’s what I would do. It would be better.

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