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What would pair well with a Taramps Smart 3


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I ordered Taramps Smart 3, I was thinking about trying a single Skar ZVXv2 15, would that be too much amp for that single 15? An enclosure for 2x12's will fall near the size required for a single 15.


I was looking at Skar as an option because this is a semi budget minded SPL setup but I'm not partial to them. I know American Bass and many others have great budget friendly stuff too. 


Something with a net of ~4.5cu ft or less is best, less is better. The person whose vehicle this is going in isn't concerned about size/brand, he's trusting I'll (you guys?) make the right decision for him.


The more SPL minded stuff isn't something I have a lot of experience with. I've only done a couple sundown SA's, a single ZVX, and a single EVL. All were near RMS, I've never had this much more power available than what's required.

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I would say a smart 3 is too much for a single ZVX, but great for 2 12's. 

A single Avitar STU-1546 would handle that Smart 3. But I can't find them for sale. A single Deaf Bonce Apocalypse DB3515 will do the trick and cost about the same as 2 ZVX's. Maybe a little more. A single Incriminator Judge series 15 will do fine as well. And a single B2 Rage XL would fit the bill as well. 

Just depends is all. He'll probably be louder with 2 12's because of cone area. And all those brands have 1000-1500 watt 12" options as well. 

4.5 cubic feet would probably better suit a single 15 though (and that's going off my limited knowledge of box design to be completely honest) if he wants a ported enclosure. 

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Ideally you want a a single sub to handle 2000-2500 rms or 2 subs to handle 2000-2500 rms in total  (if you want to be safe) . I have run the Smart 3 on a few set ups and it was running about 2200-2500 rms at 2.5/2.7 ohms after impedance rise.

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