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Loose vs stiff suspension


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So what’s the pros and cons of stiff vs loose suspension? I have 3 15” Fi with loose suspension but thinking about reconing to change load.  I don’t compete but always ran loose and I’m trying to hit 150+  I ran 2 at .5 clamped around 4500 watts or so but they got stanky would stiff help handle the power if I’m in between max and rms?

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Max watts is a imaginary number but stiff suspension would change your fs

06 Charger

Pioneer double din

Pioneer 6.5 and 6×9's

Knukoncept Krystal kable rca's

0 ga knukoncept kolossus wire 

Big 3 same wire ^ 1 run 

8g karma ss speaker wire

Sundown sia 3500d at 1ohm

2 Sundown U series 12's

Duralast platinum agm H7 (Main)

Xs power d3400

Trying to find a ho alt



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Suspension nor the size of the motor, projects at all to thermal capacity of a coil.


I like loose. Loose will have a lower FS. If your competing, want maximum on a tone/burp, and play one frequency, then a tight suspension (when you put a ton of power at a desired frequency, and enclosure tuning, where the driver moves the LEAST) is desired.

I prefer a looser, broke in suspension for my daily ground pounders. 


Another edit- Just a personal post, but, i had Fi sp4s long ago. And adored those drivers. Beat on them for many many seasons. Soft spot in my heart for those drivers. 

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