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Your Opinion: Sealed box, build to perfect size for ideal QTC vs undersize to accommodate polyfill with ideal QTC as well?

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My title really says it all, I have been using formulas to discover the proper way to determine the ideal box size for sealed applications. 


I have found the recommended size of my box (after some use of formulas) to be .6245 CU/FT. I can reduce that size to accommodate polyfill. I am curious which direction you guys would go and why. 


Thank you so much. 

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I say forget what the ideal size and focus on what is best for your application, if you need a small enclosure the best approach is going with a sub that works well on smaller sealed enclosures. You can use advanced modeling software to help you determine more exactly the effects of the damping material as well as the enclosure itself.



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I’ve ran sealed boxes for years , always build my own. I always call the manufacturer and tell them what I’m working on and get there advice . I’ve called Sundown, Skar and DD all were very happy to help and point me in the right direction even was told by Sundown to add polyfill and a bigger amp to compensate for small box. Your drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out when they know what the subs like.

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