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Best Class A/B SQ Amps?

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9 hours ago, Turbo598 said:

Brax MX4pro

Helix C4, C1  (I am running these in my mustang)

Tru technologies billet series

Mosconi pro



All of these amps would be at the top of the pile for SQ. There are more amps out there but these are all easy to get in the U.S. , are reliable and the companies have great customer service if it is ever needed.


I know you did not ask this question but there are Some class D amps out there that sound better than most class A/B amps now. Do not limit your choices to class A/B for SQ.



I agree that Class D have gotten far better.  But there is a reason every serious SQ competitor uses AB.  There is an audible difference.  I still use D on Subs.  The energy draw is dramatically better and the SQ isn't any different except in very specific uses in classical music reproduction.  But I don't listen to classical much. 

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Agreed an the sq  limitations of class D. I tried a newer class D 4 channel for ease of installation but I couldn’t stand the distortion  and pulled it out after one week and did a trunk install of a proper class a/b. I installed the class D in my son’s Oddysey and he’s perfectly happy with it. The average consumer can’t hear the difference but if you care about sq, class D doen’t cut it.

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I spent 25 years mixing sound at my church which does full band high energy worship plus 16 years working in the Pro A/V industry.  I've trained my ears way beyond my budget. 🤣🤣🤣  Blessing & a Curse. 

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