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22 hours ago, Mattc43 said:

I adjusted the sub level all the way up and it worked! Finally have everything set right. You are wrong about the ground. It does say in the manual you connect black to negative speaker terminal 

Ahh thought get it did read the manual like 5 years ago lol

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On 5/13/2022 at 10:48 AM, CstrokerV said:

So distortion all the time? Or now you can set it because the light lights up ?

Not all the time but I can set it now because the light will actually light up on the dd1. With sub level at 6 on HU I get distortion light at 34/40 volume. So I left it at 33 and the distortion light disappeared. Then I set my gain on my sub amp until distortion light came on and backed off until it disappeared. Just feel like I’m missing output. I don’t know. This is frustrating. Also my electrical is: dc power high output 270 amp alternator, big 3, and single 0 gauge run to the trunk where I have a 90ah agm battery. 

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