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Your head unit has an amp turn on signal for your amps and who knows why you didn't use that, still that should not make a difference with your noise problem.


Regarding your problem, the test you did does not exclude the head unit from being the source of the noise, you could disconnect the right channels or the left channels just to see if you get the noise only on the channels you left connected or not.


Still connecting your amps to a different audio source would help exclude them from being involved in the issue.

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Just tried a new head unit. Bought a new one. Not the issue unfortunately… buying a new amp. It has a 3 year warranty so the tech said might as well try it and if the new head unit or amp don’t fix it then I can return them both. Can I send you my email so this can be quicker?

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If you connected the new head unit where the old one was, that test is no good, wire directly from the battery and place the head unit away from the stock location, maybe over a seat of your vehicle.


I really like issues resolved in public space so that others can chime in and for others to learn something along the way specially if you succeeded resolving your issue.

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