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Sundown x 18s build

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So needing a little help with my box. I have 2 x18s Its gonna be going in a 06 Silverado crew cab my dimensions I have is 54”w 24.5H and 30”D I’m looking to tune my box around 23hz trying to get windy as possible but would still like to play up around 30-32hz. The x18s call for 112 cubic inches of port area each. And I want to keep it as a no wall build. Would like for the subs to be up and port forward. 

Had to add more info
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So I came up with the dimensions for the box does this look good I’m just gonna tune it around 28hz instead of 23 I don’t want to blow the subs or anything subs will be up firing and port towards the front of the cab but should I put the port in the middle or on the driver or passenger side any information would help.



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Trucks you'll want to port up but as far back to the window. Port that favors passenger side is louder on driver side and visa versa. 


That port seems extremely big for such low tuning.  However i can not confirm or deny

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3 hours ago, BLUE COLLAR MISFIT said:

After I braced this is my first time ever doing this but I put 3 layers of mdf and done spray foam


Your links aren't working brotha. The sub for looks good though! 

2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

My build log here. Check it out! 


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