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Help designing box

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So this box is going in the trunk of an 02 explorer. The flat piece farthest goes towards the lift gate. Obviously the other two boards are removed to show innards. So as is each chamber is about 1.84 cubic feet. I'm thinking rearfiring and I want to do this ported to maybe 25hz or so. I'm trying to figure out bracing and port and sub placement/configuration. Both subs are running off a soundqubed s1 1250 running a rediculous impedance somewhere around 1 ohm(yes it handles it very well in my opinion and has never gone into protect or any issues). Spec sheet included among other things, can give more details if needed and any help is much appreciated.


(Edit) Sorry I'm retarded... I have two gtx 102s.



GTX_USER_GUIDE_7.29.2020 (2).pdf

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Ok so your chambers are indeed 1.84 cubic feet each and you are using 0.75" wood however your subs will work in 0.95 cubic feet each so 1.9 cubic feet for the pair, the manual says 1.63 cubic feet for the pair but it's possible to give the pair 1.9. My point being is that even after drivers, bracing and port displacements your box is way too big and what needs to happen is that you will need to reduce the width of the box so that the final net volume is 1.9 cubic feet. Hopefully the explanation makes sense to you.

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Over sizing an enclosure causes the following in that order:


1) increase in efficiency for a light oversize.

2) peaky performance for medium to heavy oversize.

3) once you cross Xmax you get distortion due to loss of BL.

4) if you consistently play over Xmax you get suspension damage over time.

5) if you hit Xmech you get almost immediate mechanical failure of the driver.


As for you other questions, you first need to calculate the correct volume as net volume + displacements and from there width,

if you judge bracing is necessary add that displacement and calculate final volume and width.


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Ok I think I'm following along. Maybe. So I have 1.84ft³ total. Driver displacement is .055 so 1.78ft³. Minus port at 25hz? So shouldn't this port 1t 14ish by .5in(included screenshot) or is that gonna chuff? So my manual that it came with says single large would be .95ft³ how much over that would be bad do you think? Sorry I'm trying to learn and the planning phase seems to always give me trouble. Any advice is appreciated.


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Port area is where people get into trouble, you are giving 14x0.5 but port area is not arbitrary and there's rules to figure it out, gladly for you the manufacturer gives that info and it turns out to be 16.6 square inches per driver, try it out and you will discover one of the disadvantages of tuning that low. As for the size 0.95 net is large for those subs ( unlike most 10" subs which work in 1 to 1.4 cubic feet net).


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What would the disadvantage be? So alot of the music I listen to is pretty low hz basslines and I love the feeling as well. So shouldn't I tune lower or am I wrong? So I'm gathering i should cut the net volume down to .95 and have a port with 16.6 in² ish.

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