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Phoenix Gold Zen 9 install for Toyota Avensis Turbo 4x4 - SQ - Boston Z6 Speakers

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Sanding the paint with 2500, and then 3 different pads to get it back to mirror finish. In the left on the picture there is a part that is dull, this is after sanding and before polishing.


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Very nice. I know nothing about that PG board. But, holy shit, back in the late 80s, and early 90s, ... i would absolutely drool at stereo shops, looking at the old OG Phoenix Gold boards they had behind the glass. And that board, looks awesome. Ill have to do some sniffing around on that. Great work/progress on the set up. 

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Posted (edited)

Thank you, here are some specs

Channels 1 & 2 – 75w X 2 @4Ω
100w x 2 @2Ω
Channels 3 & 4 – 75w X 2 @4Ω
100w x 2 @2Ω
Channels 5 & 6 – 75w X 2 @4Ω
100w x 2 @2Ω
Channels 7 & 8 – 150w X 2 @4Ω
225w x 2 @2Ω
Channel 9 – 800w X 1 @2Ω
1000w x 1 @1Ω Subwoofer Use Only 20 to 200Hz
Average Current Draw @ 14.4v Music: 125A at 4Ω Stereo Channels & 2Ω Mono Channel
Power Terminal: 4 Gauge (Dual)
Speaker Terminal: 10 Gauge
Topology Class: Hybrid AB/D
Heatsink Type: Extruded Aluminum
Cooling Type: Push Pull Fan
Operating Voltage: 11.0V to 16.1V

Class AB and D hybrid audiophile audio design
Overbuilt quad-unregulated power supplies
Hand-wound power supply transformers
Triple Darlington output section with Sanken output devices
PUR Technology direct signal input circuitry
JET fan-cooled chambered heatsink thermal system
Gold-plated 3-oz. circuit board
Dual 1/0 power input terminals
Panel-mounted RCAs
High-temperature Plexiglas cover
Audio precision quality control verification
Hand-signed power output birth certificate

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The SPA digital dual gauge that replaces the old OEM temp gauge. I had to remove some electrical components from the dial board to make room for the gauge. I also torn down the connector on the board of the SPA gauge and soldered in some extension wire with a new connector to just get it in with about 1 mm room and connect the new wire to the loom of the SPA.



This is what the gauges look like when turned on.


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