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We made a BUNCH of 3/0 AWG custom cables for Ron's Gen 3 Dodge Diesel Truck.  We also set him up with a lime green 370A Mechman alternator.  He did all the installation per our guidelines.  He supplied his own battery terminals and red wire covering . . . :)


He brought it by and we put the carbon pile on it.  Now, this thing is kinda' like D'Amore's honeybadger - it don't give a shit.  The results were mighty impressive.  The screen shot I captured was at idle (800 rpm).  We also measured the voltage drop between the alternator and the battery which we had the carbon pile connected.  The sun was in the absolute wrong spot at that time so the photos with the meters was washed out, unfortunately.  However, who would like to guess the difference in voltage measurements between the two meters, given the following?


315A - at operating temp, at rpm

Meter 1 - red to Alt output stud and black to case of alt

Meter 2 - red to battery (+) and and black to (-) terminals on passenger side battery


This is known as a voltage drop analysis when you look at the difference of voltage between any two points in a circuit.  Ideally, we like to see such measurements differ by less than 3%.  This shows us if the circuit is optimized or has room for improvement.  Keep in mind that any voltage drop is voltage loss, and is converted to heat vs work.


So, guesses?


And by the way, all alternators have losses due to heat when mounted to an engine in an hot engine bay.  We like to see that 15% or less under load while the alternator is at operating temp.  So, this Mechman unit delivered the goods as always.

bss fuse holder.jpg

drivers battery.jpg

frame grounds.jpg

mechman 370A alt.jpg

Idle - carbon pile.jpg

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Tony Candela - SMD Sales & Marketing
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