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I need help nailing down this port design, i have a customer coming in that im building a box for 6 Kicker Q class 10" subs running off 2 Arc Audio 2500.1s. The box needs to be around 16 cubic feet taking in recommended air space into account and ill be doing 2 ports tuned at 28hz for the lows. My issue is when i do the calculations my port length is super short and im worried i wont have enough port area for this much box. My idea right now is two slot ports 10H×6W but that only gives me about 7 inches of port length. Any help would be appreciated

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So the box needs to be  7.5 cubes before port and sub displacement  kicker says 1.25 per sub.. so each port would need to be 48.6” long for 28hz  with your dimensions of 6x10 … you doing one chamber right? … 

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