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how to choose the right battery for car audio

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hi guys 

i have A question how to choose audio battery i want to buy a battery from xs power but i dont know how to pick the right one i see in there website CA,MAX AMPS and Ah i dont know how to pick the battery using these numbers in My thoughts if the max amps is 800A which mean its for 8K rms is that right? 

think you guys 

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If the battery is going under the hood, just get one that fits in the spot well. If it's a secondary battery, just make sure it's the same chemistry as the battery under the hood. 

In car audio, we're mostly looking at amp hours (ah). So the higher the amp hours an AGM battery is, the better for what we use it for. 

How much wattage a battery can support depends greatly on the size of the alternator. 2 80 ah AGM batteries with a stock alternator can't compare to 2 80 ah AGM's on a 350 amp alternator. 

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