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Burp box

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Hello I am trying to build a burp box for my 03 Tahoe for my 4 12inch hippo xlr’s I have them being pushed by a ds18 hooligan 8k at one ohm which I’m getting 5996 out with consistency  battery is a 45ah cmax alternator is a mechman 400 with a voltage of 15.2 running in stock class in usaci. the first two boxes I had were about 2sq foot per sub which is to spec of the sub one box birch double layers with triple on top depth 30 inches width 48 inches hight 14 inches 45’s in all corners port was 5 7/8inches wide by 10 inches deep 12 inches hight peak 47-51hz 152.93db the second box mdf single layer with double on top 48 width 33 depth 14 hight 45’s in weak areas port was 10inches by 10 inches same 12 inch hight peak 52 hz 153.1. 

trying to find out how to add db’s without adding power just by changing the box. I’ve had more power but was only able to achieve 154.64db out of both boxes.

any suggestions 

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First you should own a termlab and then close the port of your box to run sealed and then play a tone sweep and see where the whole thing peaks. You can take it from there with that basic info. Some pics of your boxes would be nice.


Also there were a lot of competitors posting here a while back but very few remain these days, so if you are hoping to talk to some of them, slim chances to do so on here at this time.


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Those boxes look solidly built but  you are going to want VARIABLE tuning port, not fixed frequency.


If you don't have a term lab you can get the SSA APM-2 SPL meter which is good to 174 dB it's considerably less expensive than the termlab.


Your subs are good for the application but I can't tell you if your boxes are any good without some basic measurements, port area though seem too low in both boxes, just for that you may be having significant dB losses.

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If your looking for strictly a burp set up, (I use to love to compete, but never in a burp discipline,  i preferred musical disciplines, but that's me, you do you) you will want to play with the vent a ton, and find where the vehicle will help you the most (Resonant freq). Our suburban liked to peak around 44hz, but, that is our old set up, yours will be different. As joe said above, either get a lot more wood, or, get a vent you can play with quickly, then test, change, test, repeat that for the next 30 years.  I will say, i haven't really seen many tahoes, competing in the burp lanes. Usually crx's, 3 door hatches, and the like where highly used/desirable for burp/single tone monsters. Again, from what i saw in the lanes. So you will most likely be at a disadvange there already. But, get after it. Id get a term lab, or something you can accurately measure your changes. If you don't know, you don't know. And you'll need to know exactly what went on, after each test, and know what changes affected what. I don't know those drivers at all. But a very very stiff suspension, low mass driver with a higher FS is what I've seen used for playing tones. Exactly the opposite of what i want from a driver, in my set up, but again, i prefer musical stuff.  Good luck, and have fun. (I really really got off on testing, learning, trying, failing, and winning, and changing stuff, and seeing it reflect what we did,.... i really got off on that, and was my favorite part of competing, besides hanging out, partying with everyone at the show) 

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