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Joe where ya at? 2-18s box help

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Vehicle: 2005 Ford Explorer XLT

Alternator: Singer 290a (240a Idle)

Subs: 2 America Bass VFL 18s


Sub Amp: Taramps Bass 15k

Battery Power: 192a headway


Need a little help on a box. Not really looking to compete those days are behind me so a ground pounder daily boom cannon. I would like to play from 28hz to like 45hz. Slot or aero port doesn't matter to me. AB says 5 - 6 cubes per sub so I would probably want to be on the 5cube side per sub given the power I will be using and the electrical to back it. Anything more you need let me know. 

Width: 45in

Depth: 39.5in

Height: can go up to 22in


I'm thinking like 20x45x30 so like 13.25ish cubes minus subs, bracing and port displacement of 3.25 that leaves me 5cubes per sub. I'm obviously open to your input, but that's where I was at in the thought process before asking for box help. 

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Added measurements
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Yes those are the ones. I was told to use the Godfather specs as they are very similar...gotta love lack of information. I will look around in the book, but if it's anything like the xmax the book is a waste and doesn't provide any needed info.

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Here are the modeling results, as it turns out it's pretty nice driver for the lows working nice in the 5-6 cubic feet net, here are the plots for your intended power on 5 net per diver, 33hz and about 108 square inches of port area per driver:


At 5 net the projected response is well within the 28 -45 you wanted




Vent airspeed acceptable at 108 square inches per driver.




Cone excursion shows where to set your subsonic filter:




You can layout at this point BUT i was wondering if those are real max dimensions, specially height, you can go a little above the seat line without issues.


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Yes we could go a tad higher if needed the width and depth not really the width between the wheels is 45 and on depth I am leaving myself a little space for batteries and amp. You let me know what needs to happen and I will build it! I think it's like 24in to the top of the seat don't quote me on that, but if 24in is how tall it needs to be I'm good with that.

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Hi jmanjr82, let me know if you have any problems with  the following space requirements:




External Height = 24.25 in
External Width = 45.5 in
External Depth = 32.5 in


Clearence to the rear gate = 8 in

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