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SENON AUDIO Sub What amp to use?


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It would be 400 watts total, but that says 400 watts max power. Can you find the RMS anywhere? That's the number you should be looking at. 

Also, what impedance are the voice coils? Is the subwoofer a dual 4 ohm? Dual 2 ohm? 

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On 11/22/2022 at 2:10 PM, Lukis said:

I got Senon audio DYF034-166B sub works fine, but it has two voice coils. In the official website it says 400w but does it need to be 400w on both voice coils or 200 each?



400W is going to be total, subs are rated that way, that usually means about 200W RMS but with a cheap sub maybe it's less than that, and a 2" coil is rather small too.


Where you could be losing big is if you are sourcing a stereo signal to the amp and then connecting each coil of the sub to one of the channels of the amp, you don't run subs like that.


If your amp can be bridged to one channel you should use that function to drive the sub.


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Say you have a 2 channel amp that you can bridge to a single channel and in bridged mode the amp is stable at 4 ohm.


Say you have one subwoofer that is 2 ohm per coil, then you connect the coils in series so that it matches the 4 ohm output of the amp.


Then you connect the sub to the amp like this:




This is just an example and your sub amp may need to be connected differently, an incorrect connection may damage your sub and/or amp.


Your sub should have printed how many ohms is each coil, typically for cheap subs you get 2 ohm per coil or 4 ohm per coil.


Also post the model of the amp.



When you connect your sub to your amp correctly you get more output and a much louder system.





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If you can't find the impedance of the coils in the sub, they can be measured with a multimeter, it's a very inexpensive device, like $10-$15 USD, here's how to do it:




As for what amp to buy, I checked your country and many mainstream brands are available, decent quality mainstream brands you can find can be Kicker, Alpine, MB Quart, you are looking for a single channel bass amplifier which are sometimes called monoblock BUT I can't tell you which one exactly until you can provide those measurements or you can find the information printed in the sub somewhere. You see the wrong amp  or an incorrectly connected amp can damage your sub.





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