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Sun Flash Resin on a cloud day

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Regular fluorescent tube black lights do not put out enough UVA unless the bulb is basically laying on the part and even then it will be crazy slow and only cure where the bulb was basically sitting at. The problem with florescent UV bulbs is the way they are made and that is to be seen so most of their output comes from the visual region of the spectrum of 400-700 nanometers which is out of the UV-A spectrum. It's not the "black light" that makes the resin cure, its what your eyes can't see that makes the resin cure and that wavelength is very very low in CFL style bulbs.
You need the LED UV panels because they output more in the needed range, and those led panels have to have a wavelength of 380-410 nanometers which is mostly in the UV-A spectrum (315-400).
UV-B and UV-C is useless in terms of curing the resin (at least in terms for Sunflash).
Sunflash will still cure on a cloudy day. I had it cure on a cloudy winter day in 28 degree weather with flurries in the sky, it just takes a little longer.
Just like solar panels still make power on a cloudy day, they just don't make as much as a sunny day.



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