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Assembly of box for 15 inch subwoofer, help me please

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On 1/23/2023 at 4:09 PM, brazilanlittlebass said:

@Joe X So, in reality, I like rebassed-style music, with this frequency that I chose between 38 and 40 hz, will it not be possible to play music at approximately 30 hz, play it loud? because I believe that this speaker will not last a long time playing at 25hz. I wanted something like rap but with sound pressure, or is this system I have not ideal for doing it? I redid the measurements in my car and managed to reach the following measurements: Length 88 cm, height 47 cm and width 45 cm, this is the maximum, even putting the back seat forward because of the battery. Do you think it's possible to play low and strong with this setup? I appreciate it if you can give me the links on the content, thanks a lot buddy


I take note of your new maximum dimensions but I would like to know brand and model of your sub, amp, head unit, other components you may have like equalizer, DSP or any other device you may have.


Also how is your electrical spec, battery, alternator, wiring, etc.


Also check this video on what is cliipping and why you need to avoid it, it's meant to be short and simple, I will post other links later:



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So here is a second suggestion, power: to sub rated, amp subsonic filter to 28Hz, minimum port clearance 9 cm, figure is just an assembly guide:


NOTE: Tuning down to 34Hz and F3 of 26Hz, will be adequate for low tuned, music, net volume up to 4 cubic feet.


NOTE: If building outside you need to build a cardboard dummy box to test fit in it's way inside.







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@Joe XThe subwoofer is a Protech model Competition 2k Double coil 2+2 15 inches (Brazil) the two coils connected in parallel generated me 1.1 ohm in the multimeter, amplifier is a Lil Wonder series 3 2600W, Soundstream. Front radio is a pioneer 6800, I have an Expert audio processor model PX-1 (Brazil). I have a 40 amp battery in the vehicle safe my car usually stays at 12.8 ~ 13.5 volts with the stereo on, one in the back of 200 amps, alternator I believe to be 60 amps. I will install together a bank of capacitors of approximately 80 farads. For the amplifier will go 4 cables of 70mm² positive and negative, my car has big 3 and the cables that come from the alternator to the rear are 20mm², The box will have the subwoofer facing the rear door, in this case the 47cm measurement will be the height, and the 45cm measurement will be the depth , thank you very much for your help

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