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Looking at getting a new box for two 12s for a good price


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That is a cheap box may not even have  3/4" wood, you say your subs are heavy so I wouldn't pick that , there is a  ground shaker one but larger, like 4 cubic feet, if you can fit that one, it could get louder on your power.


If you can build your own, much better, it will cost not much more than the cost of the wood, woodworking is not for everyone but you would save a lot.

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Yeah well getting a box called a b-box. Atrend It's made by I paid around 120 for the box. It appears to be an inch and a half deeper than the previous box. Not really sure if the system sounds any different maybe tighter. It looks clean and everything but it seems like when I put on the bass music I had to bring all my settings down. I had to turn my amp gain down and I had to turn the bass boost down due to clipping. The subs seem to be pushing a lot of cold air when I had the bass music on. I'm mostly just listening to rap and maybe a little bit of EDM. 


If anything, I want to say that the box is tuned differently and doesn't go as low. The previous box according to the specs was 34 Hertz this b-box seems like it's a bit higher.


I mean I guess I can't complain on the website. They have the same box and they're charging $150 for it and it's sold out so the actual company sold out of the box and they were charging more than the shop was charging.


Well thanks for the advice. It's not much more I can do now. I'm stuck with this box doesn't seem like it's any stronger than the previous box aside from the fact that the front where you mount the subs appears to have thicker MDF but the rest of the box is the smaller MDF I guess that's not too surprising



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